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The official website of the Healthcare Supply Chain. Our healthcare news aggregation produces 600-900 health care news articles per day. Members can subscribe for free to Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) newsletters including:

Amerinet (St. Louis, MO)

HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG) (Brentwood, TN)

MAGNET (Mechanicsburg, PA)

MedAssets Supply Chain Systems (Bridgeton, MO)

Novation (Irving, TX)

Premier Inc - Premier Purchasing Partners LP (Charlotte, NC)

Other free healthcare supply chain newsletters include our Local Business Journal™(LBJ) and Territory News™(fee-based subscription). Territory News is targeted health care news covering your user-defined favorite companies, suppliers, buyers, GPOs, hospitals, systems, IDNs, HHA, ESRD and many other company types. It also includes GEO markets defined by postal codes, states, cities and metro markets. Click here for more information on Territory News.

Find buyers and sellers in the health care supply chain by using our unique search tool. We have over 290,000 companies that we collect data on. Our healthcare data is cleansed by over 600 algorithms and our highly experienced engineers to be sure you are getting the very best data in the supply chain industry.

Our community includes company types for every major class of trade. IDNs/Systems/Chains, Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Long-Term Care, Urgent Care Centers, Community Health Centers, Home Health/Hospice, End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), Cancer Centers, and more!

Membership to the official healthcare supply chain is free. Click here to register today!

For great deals on healthcare supply chain databases and to download a free copy of our Hospital database visit:

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